Intro to Conditional Statements

If you are interested in learning about conditional statements, then you should check out this lesson!

Stay on your Ps and Qs with some practice using conditional statements in this lesson. You will learn how to identify the hypothesis and conclusion of a conditional, discover three ways to modify a conditional, and determine truth value and counterexamples. This lesson includes a practice worksheet to fine-tune your skills.

Sept. 27 Conditional Statements

G.1ab Practice


Points, Lines,and Planes

Check out this week’s lesson on Points, Lines, and Planes! You can learn how to label and name different figures, as well as determine the difference between a line, line segment, and a ray. This lesson includes a foldable activity that can be used to help you understand each figure.

Sept. 6-7 Points, Lines, and Planes

Includes a guided notes sheet to help you through the lesson:

Points, Lines, and Planes Worksheets